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Damei Kingmech Pump Co., Ltd. is a reliable pump manufacturer in China that has been devoted to the R and D and manufacture of industrial pumps. Established in 2005, our company has provided rich types of pumping equipment to our customers, among which the main products include slurry pumps, API 610 pumps, magnetic drive pumps, sewage pumps and clean water pumps. All those products are highly credited for their high precision, reliable performance, high efficiency and rich available types. Moreover, they have been adopted by customers both at home and abroad and gained reputation in the global market. Pump valves and accessories are also available for customers now. If you are interested in our pumps, please contact us. We promise to provide to you best equipment and services.
    1. HAD Slurry Pump <small>(For Heavy Duty Abrasive Slurry)</small>
    2. HAD Slurry Pump (For Heavy Duty Abrasive Slurry)

      Size: 1-32 inch
      Flow rate: 25 -13860 m3 /h
      Head: 5-100m
      Materials: Cr27, Cr28 and materials for rubber liner,CD4MCU, 2205
      Sealing method: Packing seal, vice-impeller seal and mechanical seal

    1. VFD Slurry Pump <small>(Vertical Froth Pump)</small>
    2. VFD Slurry Pump (Vertical Froth Pump)

      Size: 2-8 inches
      Flow rate: 7-570m3/h
      Head : 5-25m
      Materials: Cr27,Cr28 ,CD-4MCu and rubber
      It has been widely used to convey corrosive or abrasive slurries that contain froth in the metallurgical, mining, coal chemical.

    1. API610 OH2 Pump <small>(Centerline Mounted Pump)</small>
    2. API610 OH2 Pump (Centerline Mounted Pump)

      Size: 1-16 inches
      Flow rate: 0 -2600 m3 /h
      Head : 0-300m
      This API610 OH2 Pump is a single stage volute pump that is designed with a horizontal radial split structure.

    1. API610 BB5 Pump <small>(Double Casing Radial Split Pump)</small>
    2. API610 BB5 Pump (Double Casing Radial Split Pump)

      Flow rate : 0 – 850m3 /h
      Head : 600 – 2450m
      Materials: Cast iron, SS304, SS316, SS316Ti, SS316L, CD4MCU
      Manufactured strictly according to the API610 standard, this multi-stage centrifugal pump, equipped with a guide vane.

    1. MZF Magnetic Drive Pump <small>(Single Stage Pump)</small>
    2. MZF Magnetic Drive Pump (Single Stage Pump)

      Size : DN25~DN200
      Flow rate : 1~900m3/h
      Head : ~200m
      Materials : Cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel alloys, titanium and titanium alloys
      This MZF magnetic drive pump provided by DAMEI is a reliable single-stage single-suction cantilever magnetic drive pump.

    1. Submersible Sewage Pump
    2. Submersible Sewage Pump

      Size : 1-30 inches
      Flow rate: 25 -13860 m3/h
      Head : 5-60m
      This non-clog centrifugal pump is equipped with quality impellers which are highly matched with the pump casing.

    1. SXD Centrifugal Water Pump <small>(ISO Standard Double Suction Pump)</small>
    2. SXD Centrifugal Water Pump (ISO Standard Double Suction Pump)

      This single-stage double-suction pump has been applied in the urban water supply and discharge, industrial production, mining and agricultural irrigation.
      This industrial centrifugal pump is excellent in its suction performance and cavitation performance.

    1. Knife Gate Valve <small>(Rising Stem Type)</small>
    2. Knife Gate Valve (Rising Stem Type)

      As a reliable supplier of pumping equipment, DAMEI has provided to customers rich types of reliable pumps. To ensure smooth and continuous operation of each pump, we provide various quality pump parts to customers. This knife gate valve with rising stem is a most common used pump accessory and there are rich subtypes available for users.